• Promoting Micro Finance Services for Poor

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About Us

Over the years, CCFID has grown as a leader in the fields of youth development. CCFID was set up in 2004 and is registered under the Societies Registration Act (1860) and obtained registration under FCRA. CCFID's engagement with youth community in relation to delivery of financial and non financial services is typically for the following aspects:

1. Community based structures have been set up for both women and youth (men and women) and empower them financially through microfinance.

2. Besides, direct livelihood promotion activities, CCFID focuses on sub-sector interventions and there by enhanced livelihood opportunities.

3. Has set up Livelihood Resource and Training Centre- Conduct youth employability and entrepreneurship training for underprivileged youth.

4. Aims to equip women and youth with employability skills that will provide livelihood security and would enable them to cope with any future disasters (natural or human induced).

5. Adopts an “inclusive” approach to development.

Vision mission


All women, youth and children in life, live their life with dignity, joy and hope


To organize women and youth of all cultures and beliefs and provide ideas and practical tools for change in which they have opportunities and options for dignified life and enjoy life with as much hope and joy as possible

Promoting Micro Finance Services for Poor Livelihood Enhancement Services for Poor Institutional Development Services for Poor
Knowledge centre: This is a cross cutting theme and run through all the services that CCFID offers to its member communities. To conduct action-research, document and produce reports and other information materials for wider sharing of learning
Capacity building of people’s institutions for financial intermediation. Provide technical support in assessing and identifying livelihood opportunities for ensuring food security. Provide technical support and services to women and youth to organize themselves as groups and federate the groups for larger coordination, sharing and pooling of resources.
Capacities building for self help groups/ JLG promotion and undertaking micro-finance. Training in micro-entrepreneurship development. Capacity building for leadership development, change management for good governance.
Facilitate credit linkages to meet business and other livelihood needs. Market access linkages. Conduct institutional and field assessment, monitoring and hand holding for institutional development.

It all began when a small group of young development sector professionals began examining their role in touching and improving the lives of poor. This led to the examination of various interventions targeted for the poor, their achievements and shortcomings, led to the formation of CCFID.

Community Collective Society for Integrated Development (CCFID) is primarily a livelihood promotion agency registered under the Societies Registration Act, established in 2004. Its aim is to facilitate the development of marginalized and poor families through various livelihood promotional programmes. Its mission is to promote diverse sustainable livelihoods, viz., small businesses and micro entrepreneurship development programme (based on local opportunities and options) for women and youth and facilitate technical assistance, grant and credit in an integrated manner. The genesis of “Community Collective” is to create and multiply the formation of self organization of people. CCFID is concerned about the enormous problems being faced by the women in India despite the quantum growth in science and technology, growth in economy and management skills; a vast majority of our people still remains outside the basic minimum quality of life. The operating design of CCFID is thus geared towards providing a multiple set of opportunities and options to poor, particularly, women and youth groups and their federations to improve their lives.

Why we

Our work and service reached to the target people

    • Livelihood support Family Livelihood programs
    • 11000
    • Youth Development Training and financial support
    • 7000
    • Entrepreneurs Employment opportunities created
    • 15000
    • Outreach
    • 74865
    • Asset Under Management
    • 540000000
    • Districts
    • 11

Drawing skills

Drawing skills

Drawing skills are introduced to youth as an livelihood options

Cluster families support

Cluster families support

Cluster support for families working with ceramic doll making. From skill training to support for aggregation of raw material procurement to marketing the products

Alternate livelihoods

Alternate livelihoods

Alternate livelihoods to trials with trainings and installation of pen enclosure for crab fattening

Doll making

Doll making

Cluster support to clay doll making in Cuddalore

Livelihood activity at door steps

Livelihood activity at door steps

Introducing area specific skills for taking up livelihood activity at their door step

Bag making Skill

Bag making Skill

New skills with banana filers as in environmental friendly activity engaged in bag making

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