Over the years, CCFID has grown as a leader in the fields of youth development. CCFID was set up in 2004 and is registered under the Societies Registration Act (1860) and obtained registration under FCRA. CCFID's engagement with youth community in relation to delivery of financial and non financial services is typically for the following aspects:

1. Community based structures have been set up for both women and youth (men and women) and empower them financially through microfinance.

2. Besides, direct livelihood promotion activities, CCFID focuses on sub-sector interventions and there by enhanced livelihood opportunities.

3. Has set up Livelihood Resource and Training Centre- Conduct youth employability and entrepreneurship training for underprivileged youth.

4. Aims to equip women and youth with employability skills that will provide livelihood security and would enable them to cope with any future disasters (natural or human induced).

5. Adopts an “inclusive” approach to development.