DRR and WASH Programs

CCFID has organized health campaigns related with anti alcohol activities and self hygiene issues among youth and growing children as a health awareness initiative. Around 200 youth and children has participated in the campaign and interacted with the social activists about the negative impact of alcohol on health. Another campaign on “How to prevent spread of Malaria?” was organized among the government school children to educate them on control of malaria as a major health issue in Cuddalore. This effort of CCFID has been recognized and widely appreciated after the media publications.


A sanitation drive was conducted in the villages affected in Thane Cyclone. The participants here were the school children who demonstrated a play on good sanitation practices.



Cyclone Shelter kit were donated with support from MSF Foundation, to the people whose houses were affected in Thane Cyclone this Jan’12. Totally 1000 kits were distributed to 1000 households in 5 villages of Cuddalore district of Tamil Nadu.