Through its livelihood support service, CCFID aims to facilitate the development of marginalized and poor families through various livelihood promotion programmes. CCFID’s key programmatic focus areas are:

Cluster, Sub-sector and Activities

The approach to livelihood promotion is three fold that entails support to enterprise clusters, conduct sub-sector studies for exploring livelihood opportunities and also encourage group and individual based enterprises.

Employability and Entrepreneurship skills

Provide orientation and engage in knowledge building for orienting youth to employment & entrepreneurship, managing work life and enhancing marketable skills.

Institution Building

This includes setting up of activity groups and institutionalizing livelihood promotion through a single window – could be Federation, Producer Company or Resource Centre.

Gender Balance

The end impact monitoring is at household level. Hence, CCFID’s livelihood promotion activities are amongst women and men, especially youth men.

Partnership approach

This involves continuous “engagement” with community to ensure symbiotic and organic link to all implementation activities. CCFID also works with government, private and civil society organizations.