Environmental Sustainability

 Under the UPNRM program 120 Acres of land in 11 villages of Cuddalore district of Tamil Nadu have under gone hybrid cashew plantation for VRI III plants. Total number of farmers enrolled is 147 farmers in 15 farmer clubs. One of the main aims of the program was to promote public- private partnership model whereby the farmers get maximum exposure to interact with various government personal and financial institutions for timely assistance. Several producer workshops for small and marginal cashew a farmers were also organized for facilitating direct interaction with bankers, development experts, and technical experts to gain maximum exposure on Natural resource Management for a sustainable livelihood. 

Major supports provided to farmers under this program include:

  • Hybrid cashew plantation of VRI III has been undertaken in 11 villages of Cuddalore district of Tamil Nadu covering a sum total of 147 small and marginal farmers.
  • Formation of 15 cashew farmers Group covering 147 small and marginal cashew farmers
  • Providing orientation and training to small and marginal cashew farmers for plantation activities
  • Conducting monthly group meetings with the beneficiary groups
  • Removal of unproductive and diseased cashew plants and replacing by hybrid plants of VRI III. Around 30 acres of land was freed from unproductive and diseased cashew plants under this intervention.
  • Conducting field day training campaign in collaboration with Virudachalam regional research station to promote the application of best practices in cashew farming.
  • Training to the cashew farmers on preparation of land for hybrid plantation of VRI III, fertilizer and pesticide application with the farmer’s community involvement.