According to the 2009 India labor survey report, 46% of India’s young people were unemployed, and the results show the particular vulnerability to unemployment of youth who lack education and work experience. In addition to being unemployed, many youth are also under-employed in jobs that pay very low wages in the informal sector. Thus, a high percentage of India’s vulnerable youth suffer from both unemployment and absolute poverty.

Easing obstacles for youth-led microenterprises is crucial to creating more jobs. IYF implemented the Youth Livelihood, Entrepreneurship and Development (YLEAD) program through its local partner, Community Collective Society for Integrated Development (CCFID).

The Y-LEAD program consists of three primary components: industry-oriented skills training; business development support; and sustainable financial and market linkages.

  • Industry-Oriented Skills Training aims to enable youth to enter the workforce successfully by equipping them with a comprehensive set of life skills and workforce exposure opportunities.
  • Business Development Support provides young entrepreneurs with services, such as financial management, product/service costing and pricing, marketing, packaging, and access to appropriate legal and regulatory support. 
  • Sustainable Financial and Market Linkages supports entrepreneurs to develop business proposals, purchase business insurance, and approach financial institutions to open bank accounts and secure loans.


The program will target 1,800 youth, ages 16-29, in Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry this year. It is anticipated that 3,000 youth will benefit through the program as employees of the young entrepreneurs.

Total Beneficiaries 6500
Employability training 4050
Entrepreneurship training 2450
Credit Linkage Support 5754